Responding to the increasing demands for documentation and evidence based quality records in our markets, we have invested in a number of areas to support our material identification and documentation processes. This includes material etching capability and a handheld Niton XRF analyzer for Positive Material Identification (PMI) testing which can be performed on location.

PMI Testing

PMI Inspection
We have several trained engineers who are able to carry out PMI testing at the completion of the production process – or as a separate testing exercise on location.

Detailed PMI audit reports are prepared from downloaded information.

Machine inspection

Machine inspection
Our engineers carry out rotary swaging machines inspections, service programmes and ad-hoc repairs. We also have a range of maintenance plans.

We stock a wide range of Stevens and Bullivant rotary swaging machine parts and are able to manufacture parts to demand.

Etching / Marking

Part-marking is a service included as part of the manufacturing process and is an increasing requirement for many sectors.
Etching / Marking
Etching / Marking
Etching / Marking
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